We are a community from people to people. We are Kindologists.

At Kindology, we focus on contributing to a community of people who want to feel good, who talk openly about health and life issues, and who together gain the strength and energy to keep going.

If you sympathise with the cause and want to help spread the word, if you have a talent that is useful to Kindology, if you are a therapist, or if you know someone who can benefit, then you too are a Kindologist.

We can all help.

Mental health must never be an obstacle.

A cohesive and stable society is always built on the same foundation: healthy and balanced people. We cannot evolve if we do not take care of our own stability.

1 / 5

people suffer from a serious mental illness every given year.

8 / 10

of children with mental health disorders never get to receive any treatment.

1 / 3

of teens between 15 and 20 seriously consider to suicide.

Be kind to all kinds

We all have an important role to play in ensuring that no one is left behind.

Enroll in our community of Kindologists.

Individual therapy sessions


Kindology offers individual therapy sessions for identified people who cannot afford it so they can see a therapist on a regular basis and take care of their mental health.

Homem sentado a fazer uma videochamada

Group supporting sessions


Kindology offers sessions with groups of people who struggle with the same mental health issues so that they can build solidarity with their peers. 

Quatro pessoas sentadas a conversar entre si

Well-being programs for self-employed


Kindology offers well-being programs dedicated to people who have no team, providing support and a sense of community. 

Quatro pessoas sentadas a uma mesa a olhar para um ecrã com informação

How can you help?

There are many ways to be part of Kindology.

Donate to help

Your donation will be addressed to help our vulnerable communities through private and group therapy sessions.

Join our team of Kindologists

Bring your enthusiasm or talent and start spreading the word at the Kindology global community.